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Climate friendly and healthy actions






  • Plant rich diet: eat mostly plant-based, whole foods
  • Consume locally, seasonally and organic; go to farmers’ markets and local shops 
  • Reduce food waste: eat leftovers; check expiration dates; compost!
  • Read food labels before you buy: avoid palm oil, processed sugars, unhealthy ingredients
  • Avoid highly processed foods in general
  • Cook at home; share meals with family and friends; reduce take-out and fast foods
  • Bring your own containers, utensils and cups when getting take-out foods and drinks
  • Public transit: cheaper and healthier option (less stress; read, relax, work)
  • Telepresence (videoconferencing, webinars) = less travel
  • Bicycles and Electric bikes: healthier and easier commutes
  • Walk; enhanced walkable infrastructure in towns
  • Electric vehicles (hybrid second choice); Ridesharing; Car-sharing; Park-and-Ride (train)
  • Reduce air travel; carbon offset unavoidable air travel
  • The “4 Rs”of consuming: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse/repair, Recycle
  • Refuse single-use plastics and reduce purchases with plastic packaging
  • Rooftop solar (photovoltaïc; water heating)
  • LED lighting and low-energy lighting
  • Water-saving mechanisms/devices
  • Smart thermostats and improved insulation; Heat pumps (geothermal heating/cooling)
  • Refrigerant management (repair leaks); new natural refrigerants (alternatives to HFCs)
  • Alternative cement and eco-based building 
  • Stop/eradicate Industrial Animal Agriculture/CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feed Operations.)
  • Plant trees (towns, rural areas); Afforestation and Reforestation of degenerated lands
  • Home garden: food, beneficial plants, shade and food trees, compost, permaculture, etc.
  • Ecosystem protections for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and soil health
  • Agriculture: Agroforestry; NO monocrops; crop rotations; reduce tilling; always cover soil!
  • Trees in agriculture: intercropping; staple (food) trees; silvopasture (grazing around trees)
  • Refuse synthetic fertilisers & pesticides; use natural nutrient management & pest control
  • Irrigation improvements; drought resilience by cover-crops, mulching etc. for soil health 
  • Managed grazing for soil health; grow animal food onsite 
  • Educate yourself, explore, have fun and find like-minded people! 
  • Talk to others and get involved in a cause: put passions and skills to good use!
  • Vote to protect our health and that of the planet
  • Educating girls (education enables more life choices); family planning
  • Circular economy (linear = wasteful). Refuse, Reduce, Reuse/repair, Recycle
  • Environmentally friendly investments; divest from petrochemical corps