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Our mission

This is an urgent call to action for a sustainable planet for current and future generations – a call to each of us to eat a diet that nourishes both our bodies and our planet.

 Humanity has already done great harm to our planet. We are changing the climate of the Earth, beyond conditions in which civilisation can survive. Our diets, food systems, and agriculture are key drivers of climate change. The urgency of transforming them cannot be overstated. Change starts with each of us and requires collective action now.

Transforming humanity’s relationship with food, starts with promoting public awareness and individual behaviour change. By growing a Real Food Movement, especially by empowering youth, we hope to ignite a food system transformation in all corners of the world.

Global Agendas

The world is seized with global agendas, like the sustainable development goals (SDGs), which aim to act on climate change, zero hunger, health; and the humanitarian agenda.  These agendas are interwoven and our ability to meet their goals depend on the health of our planet.  Approaching them independently won’t work, as our Earth is quickly reaching a breaking point - a fact that many have yet to realize or act on.

Our Future

Food systems are everyone’s business. "Agents of change” can make a difference by 2030 if they unite around the transformation of food systems- and realize the interconnectedness of these agendas. The clock is ticking.  There’s no time to lose. It's time to transform our food systems. 

This site will serve as a platform to inform and inspire people to take action - connect with us on social media.